Gundam 00 Season 2 – A review of the season so far

Ok,  so unfortunately, I haven’t been blogging the season in full. Unfortunately, University has been where most of my attention has been lately, and since I am now on winter break, I can finally start blogging again. So lets take a look at Season 2 of Gundam 00 so far.

Season 2 started off with quite a bang.  It introduces us to the Federations new autonomous Peace Keeping force, known as A-LAWS. This new force makes use of new MS such as the GN-XIII and the elite Ahead, equipped with the formidable GN-Tau Drives.  The first episode starts off with a battle between one squadron of A-LAWS and the rebel force Kataron, which is hopleslly outclassed in their older MS, left over from the 3 former super powers, which now form the Earth Sphere Federation.

It is here that we learn that Louise Halevy, the happy-go-lucky girl (and Saji Crossroads girlfriend) from Season 1 has since become a GN-XIII pilot and sponser for A-LAWS. And Saji is working in colony construction, until he is arrested on suspicions of being a rebel.

It is here he meets up with Setsuna, who has infiltrated the Proud colony to take on A-LAWS. He and Saji manage to escape from a horde of automoton killing robots deployed into the Colony by A-LAWS. It is here that Saji learns that Setsuna is a Gundam Meister of Celestial being, as Setsuna is still piloting Gundam Exia, albeit a somewhat damaged Exia with makeshift repairs. heading into battle against the A-LAWS squadron, the Exia is nearly totally destroyed when Tieria and his new Gundam, Seravee Gundam, come to the rescue.

Here, Setsuna returns to Celestial being, along with Saji, who essentially has nowehere else to go. Celestial being is also armed with a new ship, the Ptolemaios 2. On board, alongside Seravee, is Setsuna’s new Gundam, the Twin-Drive equipped OO Gundam. At the moment, it is only equipped with O Gundam’s GN Drive, and Ian (Celestial being’s primary mechanic and tech specialist) has been waiting for the return of Exia to use its drive as well. OO Gundam is first used when A-LAWS launches an attack on the ship, and the OO Gundam activates just in time through the use of Trans-Am and wards off the attackers.

Prior to this, a new Gundam Mesiter is brought on board, Neil Dyllandy’s (Lockon Stratos) twin brother Lyle, who works for Kataron. He is to be the pilot of the new replacement for Dynames, Cherudim.

With 3 Meisters now on board, the team launches a mission to rescue Allelujah, who has been rotting in a Federation prison complex for the last 4 years. Setsuna manages to break both him and Marina (who was place there in there only recently on suspicions of being with Kataron) out, and Allelujah receives his Arios Gundam, but not before encountering Soma again, and again remembering her as Marie, who we later learn was friends with Allelujah when they were children in the Super Soldier program. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately if you think about it) Allelujah was forced to leave her behind when he and the others escaped, though they would all be killed later by the surfacing of Hallelujah.

With all the Meisters together, the war against A-LAWS could begin in ernest. Kataron also seems to be a major player in this conflict, though perhaps not as significant as CB.

On the side of A-LAWS are many familiar faces. Kati and Patrick from the former AEU are both there, with Kati being a ship commander, and Patrick of course being the guy who gets shot down. Billy katagiri also joins A-LAWS after learning that Sumeragi is a part of Celestial being.

That brings us to Mr. Bushido, AKA Graham Aker. Graham now sports a real badass mask, which hides what looks like a pretty nasty scar likely obtained in his last fight with Setsuna at the end of Season 1. Graham now takes on a Samurai-like persona, complete with Samurai style custom Ahead.

Alongside the A-LAWS are the Innovators, led by Ribbons Almark. Ribbons and the other Innovators seemingly control things from the Shadows, and even have their own Mobile Suits, the Gadessa and Garaozzo. Also, the madman Ali Al Sachez is also working with the Innovators, along with his new Gundam, Arche Gundam, which is an uprgaded version os his previous Gundam, Throne Zwei. So far, its been shown that Ali is likely the deadliest pilot out there, as he held back both Tieria and Setsuna with considerable ease.

As of the latest episode, A-LAWS has fired their tactical GN Cannon, Memento Mori on a middle eastern kingdom that was about to side with Kataron.

So far, the Second Season has been like the first season on steroids. It is either non-stop action, non-stop intrigue, or both at the same time. The action is still very exciting, if not moreso, as the new Gundams have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, such as Cherudims yet-to-be-seen GN Shield Bits, or Seravee’s hidden arms and giant Gundam face on its back.

So far, the second season has exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait for each episode.

Sorry for the somewhat sloppy review here, but I did kinda do this in a rush. Starting this week, I’ll try and do reviews of each episode, and those will be a much less sloppy and will be accompanied with screenshots.


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