AKB48 – Oogoe Diamond

So yeah, the latest single from AKB48 came out in October, but its just such an awesome single I can’t not post on it.

Prior to this single, I was abit worried about the future of AKB48. The previous single was Baby!Baby!Baby!, the atrocious single that was only released on Cell Phones. This brought myself and others to think that AKB was done for. However, my worries are now gone with the release of Oogoe Diamond.

I managed to wait till I actualy got my hands on the CD to actually listen to the new song, and I am glad I did. The single is truly outstanding.

The main track is of course is Oogoe Diamond. The song starts off with a quick guitar riff, then immediately explodes into a fast paced rock/pop track.  It is an extremely catchy song, and it defenitly stands out from the other singles of the group. I for one hope that future singles retain this new sound because let me tell you…it works.

The accompanying track is 109. It is a little slower than OD, however, it is still quite an awesome track to listen to. It too has a distinct feel to it, and again, the new sound works wonders.

Also included on the CD are Team A and B versions of the song. And let me say this; Team A does not do this song justice, but Team B rocks it. Team A’s version sounds…off, for some reason. I think the reason for me is that the members of Team A sound a lot better when harmonizing with members of the other teams. They do not do well on their own. Team B, however, sounds fantastic. They sure can sing.

So, my verdict on this single; Its AKB48’s best single yet. Hopefully future singles are either better or just as good, as I can see AKB48 having quite a bright future ahead of them.


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