More Gundam 00 S2 info

More info today, though most of it is expanded from yesterdays post:

Second Season is Federation vs. Anti-Federation.

The story follows the confrontation between the independent security enforcement organization within the Federation called “Arrows” which suppresses the Anti-Federation elements.

Gundam Meisters gather again to pilot Gundams. Their purpose is still to “extermination of war through military prowess”. However, they act as people whose Gundams were entrusted to by Aeolia.

Setsuna takes a leadership role in the second season. He wanders the world while knowing that peace is achieved by the Feddies through the distortion of truth. This is his motivation.

Most people aren’t aware of the severe oppression of Arrows due to the Federation’s complete control of information. It fights to protect peace to a degree of recognition.

Setsuna is a man who can only fight. He is conscious of the hypocrisy of “extermination of war through military prowess”. However, it is necessary to stop imminent war. Therefore he appears more militaristic than before. He tries not to get swayed towards the pacifist road that the heroine-like Marina takes.

Lockon is dead. He will not be revived.

They decreased the lines used to draw the 4 Gundams so that more effort could be placed into the action. And the two lines (the beard that is the symbol of Gundam) were added in.

The story of 00 has three overlapping layers, one is Aeolia’s plan, another is the Meisters’, and the last is how war affects the normal citizens who get involved. Saji is involved in CB’s fight in an unexpected way. Louise’s situation in the last episode of the first season will be made clear. The relationship between Saji and Louise exist in one axis.

Pages 20-21 has introductions of the Meisters.

To sever the distortion caused by the false peace from the world.

Director’s comments –
Setsuna has greatly changed internally in the last 4 years. He resents the state of the current world and is conflicted about whether his actions were correct.

The bullet that shoots the spark, shakes history again

Heads to the battlefield with his partner Haro. Pilots the Keldim Gundam.

Director’s comments –
He is here after shouldering inevitable circumstance and joining CB. This time, to visually showcase the confrontation with the “Arrows”, the Meisters’ uniforms are seen.

What does the will to unite see in the new world?

Director’s comments –
Allelujah is changed by his surrounding environments. Whether the cross that previously killed his comrades affect him will become an important point. (?)

One chooses and starts to walk the road to the future

Seriously injured in the decisive final battle in which he flew the Gundam Nadleeh but he was rescued by an organization and his life saved. Afterwards, he did his best to rebuild Celestial Being. Presently he looks for the meaning of his personal struggle.
And here’s a clearer pic of the Meisters and their new Gundams:


One thought on “More Gundam 00 S2 info

  1. one thing that makes this season off for me: “Lockon is dead. He will not be revived”

    Crap! he was my favorite character, but oh well, the 2nd season is still a must-see! I wonder if they’re planning on making games from this title.

    Thanks for all the info! And yeah, 2 months more of waiting. >_<

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