AKB48 Super Post…kinda

Well, over the last few weeks, we’ve been hit with a flood of new AKB news. Here’s my oppinions and some general info on the latest stuff from Akihabara.

First of all is the new…single, Baby!Baby!Baby. Let me just get this off my chest…the song sucks. It is so horribly boring and generic that I find it hard to enjoy listening to it. There is a silver lining to this single though, and thats the tracks that accompany the BBB. The first track is simply an alternate version of BBB, which of course, sucks just as much. Its the other 2 tracks that, for me at least, are the silver lining to this single. Those tracks are the awesome Shonichi (from Stage B3) and Yume wo shinaseru wake ni ikanai (from Himawari-Gumi 2). These 2 songs blow BBB out of the freaking water. Both songs are far superior to BBB, and it makes me wonder why they didn’t choose one of these songs to be the new single instead. At least then it would have all been good. Both songs could have had awesome PV’s as well. I won’t comment on the PV for BBB yet, as I haven’t seen it as of yet.

My other big gripe about this single is the total shafting of Team K and B. Of the five front girls chosen for this single, not ONE is from Team K. Team B is somewhat represented in the group, though they really need to realize that Mayu Watanabe is not Team B on her own. Only 2 other members of Team B are in the single (though my favorite member, Yuki Kashiwagi is there, so I guess I should be happy). I am tired of Team A constantly getting the spotlight though. Yes, I realize they were the first team of the group, but 2 other teams have been formed since then, and I don’t think the AKB higher ups realize this yet. In fact, I don’t get why Team A gets so much damn attention…Team K and B are so much more awesome than they are (don’t get me wrong, I love Team A, but I love the other teams as well, if not more than A, so I hate seeing them get shafted)

Also, its been speculated that BBB may be part of the future A5 Stage. If it is…then I’m not looking forward to is whatsoever. Team A stages usually aren’t my fvaorite anyway, as the other teams stages usually are much better IMO.

The next bit of big news is the release of the DVD for the Request Hour Set List Best 100 (SHIBUYA-AX) concert. From what we know about this release…it is going to be epic. It is essenttially all of the Stage shows up till at least Himawari 1 combined into 3 disks, though the songs are sung in the Shibuya AX concert. The bad thing about this release? The DVD set costs a whopping 16800 yen! Thats about $160 American/Canadian. So yeah, if you want this, better start putting away some money.

So yeah, I’m done for today. Expect a post on the awesomely awesome 13th episode of Macross Frontier sometime tomorrow. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this episode!


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