Macross Frontier Episode 12

Wow, just wow.

Now this was a good episode. It had everything. It had some funny moments, it had some cute moments, it had some cool moments, and it had one big OMGWTFBBQ moment.

We start off from last week with Alto and Sheryl de-folding at Gallia 4. We are shown how the planet is home to the 33rd Marine Force, a force entirely comprises of Zentradi. However, Sheryl is unable to give her concert, as she collapses while leaving her ship. One of the Zentradi, by the name of Temujin, takes this oppurtunity to have a large number of the Zentradi revolt and take hostages. Everyone is relocated to other buildings, including Sheryl and Alto. It was hinted at last week that there may be something wrong with Sheryl, and this episode proves that she is defenitly sick. I wonder if it will continue to be a part of the plot.

Alto manages to sneak out and get to his VF, but is held at gunpoint by Temujin before he can take off. The leader of the Zentradi on the planet, who is currently held in a standoff against the rebelling Zentradi, realizes what Alto is trying to do, and has his soldiers give him some covering fire. However, this has little effect. However, help comes in the form of Mikhail and Ranka. Ranka manages to stop the Zentradi from rebelling with that age old Macross solution; she sings to them. All the Zentradi stop fighting except for Temujin, who takes off in his Queadluun Rea (which now seems to be the standard issue mecha for all Zentradi, not just Meltrandi) but is sent plummeting into the ocean by Alto.

Mikhail then charges Alto with getting Ranka back to the Frontier fleet, but before they can leave the plantet,  mysterious…something (that seemed to react previously to Ranka’s singing) causes Alto’s VF to crash.

Now, this is where that OMGWTFBBQ moment comes in. Ranka and Alto get out to check their surroundings, and discover the crashed remains of the SDF-1 Macross.

Now, the biggest question brought forward by this episode is of course how the hell is the SDF-1 on Gallia 4? Last time we saw it, it was permantly docked in Macross city on earth and was acting as the headquarters of the UN Spacy. The preview for next week shows the SDF-1 in a fleet formation, so it will be interesting to see if this fleet was sent to Gallia 4 for some reason. But why send the SDF-1…surely they could have used a New Macross Class ship instead. However, from the previews and that mysterious…thing that crashed Alto’s VF, this planet seems like it could be Vajra central. Well, all we can do is wait till next week to find the answers to these question….hopefully.


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