Macross Frontier Episode 11

This weeks episode continues to build on the relationships being formed, particularily the interesting triangle between Alto/Sheryl/Ranka. I’m not ready to call it a love triangle as of yet, as I don’t believe its reache that level yet, however, if this is going to culminate in that sooner or later, then Sheryl defenitly has the edge over Ranka. It doesn’t help that she can give Alto what he wants, and we learn this episode that he wants to fly, particularily over a real sky, and not the artificial sky of City-25.

The situation in this episode regarding Ranka’s rise to stardom is almost a reverse of what we got in the original series. In that, as Minmay become more and more famous, she had less time for Hikaru. This time, its the complete opposite. Even though Ranka is becoming very famous in the Frontier fleet, she always seems to be trying to spend time with Alto, who is devoting more and more of his time to Sheryl.

The end of the episode has Alto choosing between whether he will go home to see his father, meet up with Ranka or take Sheryl up on her offer to go to Gallia 4 with her (as a sort of fighter escort) of course, as Sheryl’s off will allow him to fly in the real sky of Gallia 4, he goes with Sheryl.

Gallia 4 is interesting in itself as it is the home of the UN’s 33rd Marine Force, which is comprised of Zentradi who reluctanty surrendered to the UN after Space War 1. And if the preview of episode 12 is anything to go by, their time with the UN Spacy is about to come to an end.

Another interesting thing to note is the one Zentran pilot shown in the preview. He looks a heck of alot like Kamjin from the original series. Though, seeing as he rammed his ship into the SDF-1 at the end of the series, its highly unlikely its him. Perhaps a clone of him, seeing as thats common technology for the Zentradi.


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