Macross Frontier Episode 10

This weeks episode was fantastic, and it didn’t have a bit of mecha action in it! Episode 10 dealt with the filming of the movie “The Bird Human”, which is about the events of the OVA Macross Zero. Ranka is chosen to play the role of Mao, which is a big thing for sure. This episode really is the beginning of Ranka’s path down the road to stardom, and it can only get bigger from here. I wonder if this will affect Sheryl in anyway.

We also learn some interesting things about Brera. For one thing, he’s at least part machine. He might even be entirely cybernetic, we don’t know. However, this does explain how he’s able to control the VF-27 so well, as Leon said after watching footage of the machine in battle that no human could pilot a fighter like that, but he also said it defenitly wasn’t an unmanned machine. Brera being augmented with cybernetic parts would easily explain how he is able to handle the incredible strain brought on by the way he flies.

Brera also seems to have a connection to Ranka, as he’s been following her around the last couple of episodes, and in this episode saved her from a rabid hydra-beast. Perhaps he’s related to her in some way?

There’s also the little thing about Shery’s manager. She’s defenitly in league with Brera, perhaps even his superior, and she has the means to spy on the Frontier government, but just exactly what are her goals…or is she working for a higher power?


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