SKE48 – Nagoya’s AKB48

Weird title huh? Well, some news was released today about an upcoming AKB48 expansions. Here’s the translated text courtesy of Hana from the Stage48 forums:

AKB48 advances into Sakae, Nagoya! Notification about the press conference regarding the start of the “SKE48” project

To the media

AKS Corporation
SKE48 management office

Thank you very much for regularly giving AKB48 and the AKB48 Theatre your exceptional attention.
AKB48 is supported by everyone’s warm support and encouragement, and has been working in a number of fields, in addition to growing to being able to appear at last December’s “58th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen”. Also, thanks to you, the AKB48 theatre, which opened on 12/8/2005, saw it’s 1000th show on 5/26.

And, this fall, it has come to be that AKB48 will advance to Nagoya, as yet another stage of growth.
We want to send the enthusiasm of the AKB48 theatre all over the country, and so for the first step, we’re starting “SKE48” in Sakae, Nagoya. Please look forward to the ever growing AKB48 project.
We ask for your continued support and encouragement from now on.

Regarding this, on 6/5 (Thurs), we will hold a press conference about the “SKE48 project”, at “SUNSHINE SAKAE Power Open”.
(Following this was just the information for the press [date, time, etc] regarding the press conference)

Interesting news to say the least. Though, it is somewhat vague. Its possible that an entirely new group is being formed, but it could also mean that a new AKB48 theater is being put into Nagoya. Who knows. I’ll make sure to post the latest news about this as it becomes available.


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