Macross Frontier Episode 9

A great episode this week. We delve a little into Mikhails past. We learn that his sister, Jessica, was a sniper much like he is now, and that she was court-marshaled for a friendly fire incident after she accidently shot a superior officer who also happened to be her ex-lover. Jessica eventually committed suicide. This memory gets to Mikhail, who accidently shoots Alto during a skirmish with a Vajra attacking a human ship. Later on, Kuran tries to talk Mikhail out of his stupor, but only ends up slapping his VF-25 when he makes a comment about her miclone form. The SMS teams is eventually sent out to find and take samples from a suspected Vajra nest. Unfortunately for them, Brera and his VF-27 are sent out to destroy the nest and stop samples from being taken. He and Kuran engages in a furious shooting match, which ends up in Kuran getting shot down. Alto then comes in to take on Brera and manages to at least shoot off the VF-27’s leg before Mikhail wards him off. The episode ends with Mikhail visiting his sisters grave.

Besides the interesting revelations about Mikhail’s sister, there are a number of interesting things that comes up in this episode. We get to see the capabilities of the VF-27, and it truly is a fearsome machine. It has at least 2 machine guns along side its large gunpod, which is also capable of acting as a beam canon/rifle. It also has incredible speed and maneuverability.

We also get to see the macronization process for Zentradi, and it is quite the fast process. The conversation between Mikhail and Kuran in the middle of the episode was also kinda neat, as it has Mikhail in is VF talking to macro Kuran, and his VF was doing all sort of human-like hand gestures and the like. Kuran slapping his VF was also kinda humorous in a way.


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