An AKB48 Rant.

Recently there has been quite a big influx of AKB48 news, and I figured that instead of sharing my extended opinion in their seperate posts, I’d put it into one big post, sort of like a “week in review” or something similar.

First up is the new single, Baby! Baby! Baby!. This single has been slated for a digital-only release, in the form of being released through the NTT Docomo mobile phone service. Now, this is just freaking stupid. What could possibly be advantageous about releasing a single only through a mobile phone service. Then again, as I’ve begun to notice, Japan has this overwhelming obsession with cell phones. You can get almost everything on cell phones now. But to release a single only on a cellphone service is just plain stupid. This really alienates those who do not subscribe to this specific phone service. I guess those who don’t subscribe to it are out of let me rephrase that…they got shafted. It also screws over those of us who order the CD’s over the net. So yeah, here’s my question after all of this; Just what are the AKB executives smoking…and where can I get some.

Next is this whole SKE48 thing. Now, this is getting to a lot of people, and it seems a lot of people are not liking the idea. I, however, am really interested to see what comes of this plan. From the looks of it, we’ll be getting a whole new audition, so this probably means a whole new girl group. Now, I’m all in favor this. If it means new girls and songs, then they can go right ahead. Its also been said that some AKB members might help out with the new group. Cool! I don’t see what the problem is. People have been talking like this new group might ruin AKB48…well thats just dumb. I am quite excited about this new venture…and can’t wait to hear more.

So yeah, thats my rant for the day.


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