AKB48 Teamk K Stage 4 – Saishuu Beru ga Naru

At long last Team K’s 4th Stage has begun! I haven’t listened to the audio recording of it yet, but I’m already excited to see what this stage brings with it. For those interested, here’s the track list:

1. Mammoth
2. Saishuu beru ga naru
3. Boyfriend no Tsukurikata
4. Erai hito ni nari taku nai
5. Return Match
6. Hatsukoi doro bou
7. Gomen ne Jewel
8. Oshi be to meshi be no yoru no choucho
9. 16 nin shimai no uta
10. Stand up
11. Cool Girl
12. Kaiyuugyo no Capacity
13. Ai ni iko u
14. Kiiwaado ? Shamu neko
15. Kiiwaado ? Merosu
16.Sasae (all)

Even from just the song titles, I can tell this is gonna be one awesome stage. I mean, there’s a song called Mammoth…how cool is that? I’ll have more first impressions in awhile.


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