New pics of Upcoming Master Grade Kits

Found some interesting magazine scans of 3 upcoming Gundam Master Grade Kits. Credit for the pics goes to oilman from Seed-Forums.

Master Grade Shin Musha Gundam:

Master Grade Zaku II Cannon

Master Grade RX-78 Gundam Ver. 2.0

MG Musha is looking as awesome as always. I defenitly like the weapon loadout. Very cool indeed. The musket is a nice touch, and the weapons really help give it that samurai feel. No fancy beam weapons for this Gundam.

The Zaku II Cannon is looking to be one of the nicest MG Zaku’s yet. The color scheme is superb, and the head style really gives this Zaku a flair of originality over other Zaku kits. This might be one to look into when its released in August.

And though I’ve heard alot of negative comments about the new MG Gundam, I think it looks superb. It doesn’t have the more realistic, refined look of the Katoki versions, but I like the fact that it has the style of the original anime version. The whole core-fighter gimmick defenitly gives this kit an edge over its predecessors, and it also seems to have a few other new weapon parts compared to previous versions. The posablity of this kit also looks superb.


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