First Gundam Figures Post!!

So yeah, I’ve decided to start posting on one of my biggest hobbies; collecting Gundam figures. I’ll be posting about any new figures coming out, and I’ll also be posting about any kits I myself am building, though that won’t be for a little bit.

First up, is one kit I myself am anticipating greatly, the Master Grade Shin Musha Gundam:

This is shaping up to be one cool kit. And whats not to love about a Gundam decked out in Samurai armor?

The only other figure I’m interested in at the moment is one from the new Gundam Wing line of HCM-Pro figures, the HCM Pro Tallgeese.

I’ve always loved the Tallgeese, and its nice to see the Wing MS finally getting some decent figures after so long. This one is defenitly on my to-buy-list.

Also, its been announced that the next MG after Musha will be one from seed, and its being said that its possible that it could be one of Athruns MS. I myself am hoping for an MG Saviour Gundam, but an MG Infinite Justice would be just as awesome.


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