New AKB48 Single – Baby! Baby! Baby!

So you may be reading the title of this post and thinking “yay a new AKB single!” Well, I did as well when I first heard the news. I’ve been wondering when we would get a new single from them, as its been at least a few months since the last one, so we were due for a new one. So I saw that a new single was coming out and though to myself “its about damn time” and then I read further into it…..

Thats when I found out that this single is being released only on mobile phones, specifically on the NTT Docomo phone service.

Ok seriously, WTF?!

A single thats only being released on cell-phones? Whoever thought this was a good idea must have been high on something…

I just don’t get it. We are long overdue for a new single, and they give us this…well, they give it to those who use this phone service…in Japan. It really screws those of us who order the singles over the internet. Why couldn’t they just have released this as a normal single?

Hopefully this mobile-only release is just for the time being, and we’ll get a true release soon.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the costumes selected for this new single:

I’m not entirely sure, but I think we may have either traveled into the future, or gone back in time to the 70’s…or a combination of the two.

Ah well, hopefully we’ll get some good AKB48 news soon, as this whole thing is just kinda disappointing.


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