Macross Frontier Episode 8

Quite the fun episode this week, though not much going on plot-wise. This weeks episode has both Sheryl and Ranka joining the same school as Alto and Co. and some hilarity ensues when Sheryl shows up, causing the schools entire male population going into fanboy mode. There’s an entertaining chase around the school when a small animal (a creature introduced in Macross 7 I believe, I just can’t remember what they’re called ) makes off with one of Sheryl’s….”belongings” and she takes off after it in Luca’s EX-gear. Its a pretty amusing sequence to say the least.

There are a couple of interesting scenes plot-wise this week. The first being a shot of a strange Protoculture…thing floating in space. It sort of resembles a humanoid with skeletal wings, and it bears the markings of Protoculture. I wonder what it could be…

Ok, I probably should have watched Macross Zero. The thing in the opening is the AFOS from M-Zero.

The other interesting thing to happen is Brera showing up again, this time playing the Harmonica to Ranka’s song at the end. The song is supposed to be one only Ranka knows, so how does Brera know it?


One thought on “Macross Frontier Episode 8

  1. Hi,

    “The first being a shot of a strange Protoculture……sort of resembles a humanoid with skeletal wings…”

    i think the sence is taken from Macross Zero, i havent finish watching it so not sure if these two series are linked somewhere in the Macross timeline.

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