Macross Frontier Episode 7

Wow, what an episode!

Carrying on from last episode, the battle group from M-Frontier de-folds into the midst of a battle between M-Galaxy forces and the Vajra. The SMS team launches into battle, and what we are treated to is quite possibly one of the best mecha battles in recent history. Each main pilot gets a chance to shine, Mikhail , being the sniper master he is, masterfully takes out a number of Vajra, including one of the big red ones. Seems a sniper gun pod is the way to go when taking those ones on. Luca is accompanied this episode by a number of Ghost drone fighters, and he really seems quite fond of them. We also get one heck of a missle storm from Ozma’s VF-25, and as expected, the Konig Monster kicks ass…and shows off its incredible firepower.

Midway through the episode, a huge Vajra carrier enters the fray, and easily takes out one of Galaxy’s warships. Luca goes in for a closer look, and gets captured by a red Vajra. Alto goes in to rescue him, but not before Mikhail catches a glimpse of an incredibly fast variable fighter going towards the carrier as well. Alto manages to find Luca, but his VF is destroyed in the process. The mysterious VF appears before them, and the carrier opens up again and prepares to fire a 2nd shot.

Cue the best scene of the episode. Macross Quarter moves in the kill, and transforms into attack mode and unleashes the awesome power of the Macross Cannon, destroying the carrier. The mysterious new fighter disappears, but we see it yet again in a space fold along with few others.

We also got a number of new songs this week, as Sheryl’s concert continued from last episode. The songs really made the battle that much more exciting.

As I mentioned earlier, the one highlight of the episode was the Macross Quarter itself. Its design is very reminiscent of the original SDF-1, although its movements make it more like a giant variable fighter, as it has very human-like movements, such as lifting open the carrier’s “mouth” and mounting its shield on its back. Very cool indeed.

Of course, the one big thing that came up in this episode was the appearance of a new model of Variable fighter (which appears to be called the VF-27) Just what were they doing in the battle, and who exactly are the aligned with? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Lots of screenshots follow.


3 thoughts on “Macross Frontier Episode 7

  1. i’m so excited for a Megumi Nakajima single to come out, its her debut as seiyuu but her voice just blew me away. I love her version of “Ai wo Oboete imasu ka?” and it was remixed, yay!

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