Code GEASS R2 Episode 6

An awesome episode this week. Lelouch manages to get out the sticky situation he was left in at the end of last episode (when Suzaku called up Nunally for Lelouch). Rollo shows up and stops Suzaku’s mind long enough for Lelouch to talk to Nunally without Suzaku realizing that he’s regained his memories. Suzaku is also reunited with Lloyd and Cecile as a small group of Briattanian Airships take off from California Base.

The Fleet is intercepted midway by the Black Nights, and one fun fight breaks out. The BK KF’s manage to land on the ships, but are almost systematically taken out by Guilford and his Vincent Command, and by the Lancelot, Mordred and Tristan, who also show up. The Guren also gets a mid-battle upgrade in the form of a flight pack/Gefjun missle launcher, along with a new and improved arm, which can now fire massive radiation blasts. Kallen manages to hold back the three Knights and destroys Guildfords Vincent.

Lelouch also almost manages to take Nunally back, but she is rescued by Suzaku in the Lancelot.

All in all, a very exciting battle. The Guren is defenitly back to being a force to be reckoned with, and with all the KF’s the Empire seems to be fielding lately, thats a good thing.


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