Macross Frontier Episode 6

If anything, this episode was really a setup episode for things to come, namely next episodes big battle between the SMS/NUNS and the mysterious Vajra aliens.

At the end of episode 5, a variable fighter from the Macross Galaxy fleet de-folded into real space, broadcasting that M-Galaxy was under attack from the Vajra. This news is eventually revealed to the citizens of Macross Frontier, along with the existence of the Vajra. Of course, Sheryl is noticably upset about the news of the attack on M-Galaxy, as of course, that is where she was prior to coming to M-Frontier. Ranka of course is terribly affected by the existence of the Vajra, as she does have past experiences with them, none of them good of course. We get another song performance from Sheryl, and this is simultaneous with the launch of SMS’ main ship, the Macross Quarter. Its an interesting ship, and its name and design implies that it could in fact be new type of Macross-type ship, just smaller (the name heavily implies this, perhaps its 1/4 the size of standard Macross ships) The episode ends with the Macross Quarter and other military vessels space folding to the location where a ship from M-Galaxy de-folded along with a large number of Vajra.

An interesting thing to note is that the ships accompanying M-Galaxy seemed to be Meltrandi (female Zentradi) ships. Of course, with the heavy integration of the Zentradi into Earth-based society, this is not at all suprising, as Meltrandi fleet groups could have easily just joined the NUNS after Space War 1.

This was defenitly a good episode. It sets things up very well. Next weeks episode looks to give us one hell of a fight. I’m especially excited to see SMS’s Konig Monster in action. Should be a very fun episode.


One thought on “Macross Frontier Episode 6

  1. great blog here Aigon, and i must say i also enjoy yout posts about anime. I’m also folowwing both of these series, i just need space on my HD to dl ep. 6 though. But yeah, keep it up! I’ll be reading! ^^

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