Code GEASS R2 Ep. 5

Yeah, I’m starting to blog this at episode 5, but I just started this blog, so can you blame me?

In all honesty, this was a pretty uneventful episode (save for 1 big thing at the end and a short mecha battle), and one that really screws up the pace for the 2nd season, but there were some funny parts to this episode. One big suprise is that Suzaku is back at school with Lelouch and the others, which of course is not the best thing for Lelcouch, as Suzaku knows that he is Zero. Lelouch, of course, tries to fool Suzaku into thinking he still doesn’t remember anything prior to the Emperor erasing his memories, but you can defenitly tell that Suzaku isn’t really buying it.

The majority of the episode focuses on a festival at the school, and shows all the antics of the main characters. Nothing too exciting there, though early in the episode we are shown the Tristan knightmare frame in action against fellow Britanians (most likely as a demonstration of sorts to show off the power of the Knights of Round and to test the Imperial defenses of Area 11) The Tristan of course, is piloted by one of Suzaku’s fellow knights, Zino, the Knight of 3. We also see Knight of 6 Anya and her KF, the Mordred.

The biggest revelation of course comes at the end, when we learn that Nunnaly is doing just fine, and is in fact the Governor-general of Area 11. This could prove to be both advantageous and troublesome for Lelouch in numerous ways.

Next weeks episode looks to get right back into the action, as the previews shows were gonna get one heck of a battle between the forces of the Black Knights and the Britanians accompanied by the Knights of Round (specifically Zino, Suzaku and Anya). It also looks like the Vincents are going into battle as well, as they seem to have replaced the Gloucester’s.


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