An AKB48 Rant.

Recently there has been quite a big influx of AKB48 news, and I figured that instead of sharing my extended opinion in their seperate posts, I’d put it into one big post, sort of like a “week in review” or something similar.

First up is the new single, Baby! Baby! Baby!. This single has been slated for a digital-only release, in the form of being released through the NTT Docomo mobile phone service. Now, this is just freaking stupid. What could possibly be advantageous about releasing a single only through a mobile phone service. Then again, as I’ve begun to notice, Japan has this overwhelming obsession with cell phones. You can get almost everything on cell phones now. But to release a single only on a cellphone service is just plain stupid. This really alienates those who do not subscribe to this specific phone service. I guess those who don’t subscribe to it are out of let me rephrase that…they got shafted. It also screws over those of us who order the CD’s over the net. So yeah, here’s my question after all of this; Just what are the AKB executives smoking…and where can I get some.

Next is this whole SKE48 thing. Now, this is getting to a lot of people, and it seems a lot of people are not liking the idea. I, however, am really interested to see what comes of this plan. From the looks of it, we’ll be getting a whole new audition, so this probably means a whole new girl group. Now, I’m all in favor this. If it means new girls and songs, then they can go right ahead. Its also been said that some AKB members might help out with the new group. Cool! I don’t see what the problem is. People have been talking like this new group might ruin AKB48…well thats just dumb. I am quite excited about this new venture…and can’t wait to hear more.

So yeah, thats my rant for the day.


AKB48 Teamk K Stage 4 – Saishuu Beru ga Naru

At long last Team K’s 4th Stage has begun! I haven’t listened to the audio recording of it yet, but I’m already excited to see what this stage brings with it. For those interested, here’s the track list:

1. Mammoth
2. Saishuu beru ga naru
3. Boyfriend no Tsukurikata
4. Erai hito ni nari taku nai
5. Return Match
6. Hatsukoi doro bou
7. Gomen ne Jewel
8. Oshi be to meshi be no yoru no choucho
9. 16 nin shimai no uta
10. Stand up
11. Cool Girl
12. Kaiyuugyo no Capacity
13. Ai ni iko u
14. Kiiwaado ? Shamu neko
15. Kiiwaado ? Merosu
16.Sasae (all)

Even from just the song titles, I can tell this is gonna be one awesome stage. I mean, there’s a song called Mammoth…how cool is that? I’ll have more first impressions in awhile.

Macross Frontier Episode 9

A great episode this week. We delve a little into Mikhails past. We learn that his sister, Jessica, was a sniper much like he is now, and that she was court-marshaled for a friendly fire incident after she accidently shot a superior officer who also happened to be her ex-lover. Jessica eventually committed suicide. This memory gets to Mikhail, who accidently shoots Alto during a skirmish with a Vajra attacking a human ship. Later on, Kuran tries to talk Mikhail out of his stupor, but only ends up slapping his VF-25 when he makes a comment about her miclone form. The SMS teams is eventually sent out to find and take samples from a suspected Vajra nest. Unfortunately for them, Brera and his VF-27 are sent out to destroy the nest and stop samples from being taken. He and Kuran engages in a furious shooting match, which ends up in Kuran getting shot down. Alto then comes in to take on Brera and manages to at least shoot off the VF-27’s leg before Mikhail wards him off. The episode ends with Mikhail visiting his sisters grave.

Besides the interesting revelations about Mikhail’s sister, there are a number of interesting things that comes up in this episode. We get to see the capabilities of the VF-27, and it truly is a fearsome machine. It has at least 2 machine guns along side its large gunpod, which is also capable of acting as a beam canon/rifle. It also has incredible speed and maneuverability.

We also get to see the macronization process for Zentradi, and it is quite the fast process. The conversation between Mikhail and Kuran in the middle of the episode was also kinda neat, as it has Mikhail in is VF talking to macro Kuran, and his VF was doing all sort of human-like hand gestures and the like. Kuran slapping his VF was also kinda humorous in a way.

SKE48 – Nagoya’s AKB48

Weird title huh? Well, some news was released today about an upcoming AKB48 expansions. Here’s the translated text courtesy of Hana from the Stage48 forums:

AKB48 advances into Sakae, Nagoya! Notification about the press conference regarding the start of the “SKE48” project

To the media

AKS Corporation
SKE48 management office

Thank you very much for regularly giving AKB48 and the AKB48 Theatre your exceptional attention.
AKB48 is supported by everyone’s warm support and encouragement, and has been working in a number of fields, in addition to growing to being able to appear at last December’s “58th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen”. Also, thanks to you, the AKB48 theatre, which opened on 12/8/2005, saw it’s 1000th show on 5/26.

And, this fall, it has come to be that AKB48 will advance to Nagoya, as yet another stage of growth.
We want to send the enthusiasm of the AKB48 theatre all over the country, and so for the first step, we’re starting “SKE48” in Sakae, Nagoya. Please look forward to the ever growing AKB48 project.
We ask for your continued support and encouragement from now on.

Regarding this, on 6/5 (Thurs), we will hold a press conference about the “SKE48 project”, at “SUNSHINE SAKAE Power Open”.
(Following this was just the information for the press [date, time, etc] regarding the press conference)

Interesting news to say the least. Though, it is somewhat vague. Its possible that an entirely new group is being formed, but it could also mean that a new AKB48 theater is being put into Nagoya. Who knows. I’ll make sure to post the latest news about this as it becomes available.

New pics of Upcoming Master Grade Kits

Found some interesting magazine scans of 3 upcoming Gundam Master Grade Kits. Credit for the pics goes to oilman from Seed-Forums.

Master Grade Shin Musha Gundam:

Master Grade Zaku II Cannon

Master Grade RX-78 Gundam Ver. 2.0

MG Musha is looking as awesome as always. I defenitly like the weapon loadout. Very cool indeed. The musket is a nice touch, and the weapons really help give it that samurai feel. No fancy beam weapons for this Gundam.

The Zaku II Cannon is looking to be one of the nicest MG Zaku’s yet. The color scheme is superb, and the head style really gives this Zaku a flair of originality over other Zaku kits. This might be one to look into when its released in August.

And though I’ve heard alot of negative comments about the new MG Gundam, I think it looks superb. It doesn’t have the more realistic, refined look of the Katoki versions, but I like the fact that it has the style of the original anime version. The whole core-fighter gimmick defenitly gives this kit an edge over its predecessors, and it also seems to have a few other new weapon parts compared to previous versions. The posablity of this kit also looks superb.

First Gundam Figures Post!!

So yeah, I’ve decided to start posting on one of my biggest hobbies; collecting Gundam figures. I’ll be posting about any new figures coming out, and I’ll also be posting about any kits I myself am building, though that won’t be for a little bit.

First up, is one kit I myself am anticipating greatly, the Master Grade Shin Musha Gundam:

This is shaping up to be one cool kit. And whats not to love about a Gundam decked out in Samurai armor?

The only other figure I’m interested in at the moment is one from the new Gundam Wing line of HCM-Pro figures, the HCM Pro Tallgeese.

I’ve always loved the Tallgeese, and its nice to see the Wing MS finally getting some decent figures after so long. This one is defenitly on my to-buy-list.

Also, its been announced that the next MG after Musha will be one from seed, and its being said that its possible that it could be one of Athruns MS. I myself am hoping for an MG Saviour Gundam, but an MG Infinite Justice would be just as awesome.

More B!B!B! Stuff

The cover for this controversial single has finally been released:

Yeah, thats seriously the cover. Pretty bad if you ask me. And a pretty lousy choice on what members to put on it. Funny how they didn’t put even one member from Team K on it. Weird.

Expect more news to come.